Hello 👋

I'm Philip, a digital product designer from Copenhagen

Featured Projects

01 Apollo Theme

UI/UX – Webflow – Shopify
The most versatile and Intuitive Shopify theme in the multiverse.

02 Preto tools

Concept – UI/UX – App
The App that makes it possible to test and validate ideas on the go.

03 Next Makers

Concept – UI/UX – App
Validate ideas, test markets, and build user bases. Without the establishing costs.

04 Nimbly Wallet

Concept – UI/UX – App
The new way of saving and spending money, packed with AI-driven features.

05 Creators Foundation

Concept – UI/UX – App
The completely new way of learning business strategies and tactics for new founders.

Noteworthy mentions

TEchbbq CMO & Digital Designer
the Biggest Startup and Innovation summit in scandinavia
Pelechecoco Co-founder & Digital director
The Most sustainable leather jacket. made of recycle materials
Pree.to Digital Consultant
developing pretotype strategies for clients
LOOW E-commerce Specialist
Doing CRO, Markering funnels, E-commerce streamlining